Billed as “The First Event of Its Kind,” Best Kind BBQ Fest will take place this Saturday on the rooftop of City Hall Parking Garage, and feature a buffet of music and food. 8 hours of live music, and 4 food vendors.

Chefs from Adelaide, Blue, Sundance, and Best Kind bake Shoppe will be behind the BBQs, and on stage there’ll be a mix of local and CFA: Property, Soap Opera, Yung Dumb, J Bills, Remix 86, Bit Funk, and Ralph. So yeah, bring your dancing shoes along with your wet naps.

Also: plan to be there for the whole thing. That’s the point, as far as the organizers are concerned. Brent McNamara of Brent Mac Events says:

“We’ve spent a lot of time organizing shows in our province, and also travelled our country researching what other people are doing. There are some amazing events, but for the most part, they are headliner-driven, and bring people out based on the 1-2 main artists. We wanted to do it slightly different, and create a full day experience. World class chefs, games area, and a diverse lineup of musicians.”

And, the venue. There’s novelty in partying on a rooftop to close out your summer. McNamara says, “We really wanted to create a well rounded event in a unique space. I was on the roof a couple years ago when I had the idea.

“Last spring we put in the application, but it was shut down because the parking garage was under construction at the time. We tried again this year and the council really liked the idea , they’ve been very supportive and want to see new events in our city.”

McNamara says he’s been keeping a close eye on the local and Canadian Music scene, to curate the event, and Ralph really caught his eyes. Ralph is a synth-pop, smooth soul artist from Toronto, described by her label as a blend of funky 1970’s bass with 1980’s style pop keys, while staying contemporary through vocal melodies and fresh synth sounds.

“We have some friends who have worked with and booked her for shows,” McNamara says, “and they had nothing but amazing things to say about to her live show. We’re very lucky to have her and feel she’s a perfect fit for the vibe we’re trying to create.”

The event will take place from 3 – 11, and there’ll be a games area and turf seating. Tickets and more details here: