The Price of Progress

“So … pot is illegal and it costs $8/gram according to a PCSP businessman (not too far off from the $200/ounce or $7.13/gram that I currently pay), and when it becomes legal it will cost $10/gram plus tax. Yes that certainly does seem as though the government is focused on wiping out the black market, as opposed to seeking as much revenue as possible doesn’t it? Why the government is basing legalized prices on black market prices (what’s the mark-up on black market goods anyway? 1000% ?!?) is a rhetorical question, of course. After all, we’re talking about a plant here. And while we’re on the topic of rhetoric questions, how many of those 25% of Newfoundland and Labradorians who, when surveyed, stated they will purchase pot when it becomes legal are already consumers? That’s the point government is missing here. Slight chance of new customers (hey by’s let’s have a draw with our beers tonight)? Nah, we’re already smoking it, and we’re not stupid enough to pay $100 + tax more for an ounce. Nice try.” – Boomshanker

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  • I’ve bought myself a mylar grow box, 4500 watts of LED grow lights and a computerized hydroponics controller. I paid a little bit over $1000 for it, which is (depending who you’re buying from) 3 or 4ish ounces on the black market. Just waiting for it to be legal so I can grow my own. This government is really fucking dumb if they think anyone who wants this product is going to pay government prices for their garbage weed with the health Canada approved maximum THC content from a licensed producer on maximum markup.

  • Well if a bunch of video gamers who like tupac can provide weed for 200 an ounce why cant the big smart government man/women?

  • $100 more an ounce is a deal – that means ya don’t have to small talk in a cramped dirty room of tupac posters and video gamers

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