All that remains to be said about Ron Hynes, after a week of mourning and thoughtful posts on social media, is that he wrote more good songs than “Sonny’s Dream.” If deep down you’ve been ashamed of joining the province’s reverence of a man whose music you secretly knew little about, enjoy the playlist below as proof he really was one of the greats.

You can find most of his albums on iTunes. I’d recommend Get Back Change and Cryer’s Paradise, and if you can find a copy of his debut, Discovery, snatch it up, it’s a rare collectible now. NOTE: THIS PLAYER MIGHT NOT LOAD/WORK ON A PHONE

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Still More to Come from Ron Hynes …

He might not be here to launch it, but there’s a new Ron Hynes’ album on its way, and it’ll be an appropriately intimate affair. According to his manager, Charles MacPhail, it’ll be called Later That Same Life.

“This is a recording that I had spoken to Ron about for years, of ‘minimal accompaniment,’ and I got my way. Yay! People who did not see him live have to hear this, this is truly The Man of a Thousand Songs. It is Ron on guitar and Vinyl Cafe member Dennis Pendrith on bass. The only other instrumentation was by Glen Simmons from NL on ‘Marie.'”

It’ll be ten original songs, but for the first time, he’s included a cover: Bob Dylan’s “You’re a Big Girl Now.”