Poutine is pretty damn good. Just ask Montreal, the food culture capital of Canada that has clearly adopted it as their go to snack / quick meal.

With a dish made of three core ingredients: potatoes, cheese curds, and gravy … the quality of those three ingredients ought to be fresh and first rate for a truly tasty poutine. Given the made-right-here status of Five Brothers Cheese, you know the poutines below are off to a good start.

The dishes are also in good hands: Roger Andrews of Relish is a culinary school instructor and Chopped Canada Competitor, so he knows a thing or two about cooking; Mark McCrowe of The Club is a Chopped Canada Winner, award-winning cookbook author, and constant culinary newsmaker; The Sprout has been one of the best restaurants in town for years, and long before the recent good food revolution in St. John’s; Chinched Bistro are arguably the best restaurant in town – and winners of our last food challenge – and Bridie Molloy’s is the hearty heart of George Street pubfare. Point being there’s something good for everyone. Dig in.

If you like what you’re tasting all month long, buy your own Five Brothers curds and whip something up at home. But June is for getting out of your house and into the newly emerged sun. Be sure to try all five, and tell us what you think as you try them at theovercast.ca/poutine-poll.

Bridie Molloys / Celtic Hearth (5 George Street)
Irish breakfast poutine with Five Brothers ‘Bergy Bits’ Cheese Curds, bacon, tomatoes, blood pudding and a sunny side up egg. $15.95.

Chinched Bistro (7 Queen St.)
Poutine au Têté de Cochon with triple cooked frites, Five Brothers ‘Bergy Bits’ Cheese Curds, pork gravy, crispy têté presseé, and pickles. $8.00 (Available at bar seating only).

The Sprout (364 Duckworth St.)
Summer Lovin’ Poutine with a base of brown rice and oven roasted home fries, with black beans, peppers, and corn, topped with Five Brothers ‘Bergy Bits’ Cheese Curds, herbed mushroom gravy, and finished off with dollops of guacamole and salsa, and a sprinkle of Cilantro. $14.

The Club (223 Duckworth St.)
Roasted Duck Poutine with Five Brothers ‘Bergy Bits’ Cheese Curds, kimchi, gochujang mayo, bone marrow gravy, spring onions, and sesame. $19.

Relish Burgers (11 Waldergrave St.)
Jewish Deli Smoked Meat Poutine w/ Five Brothers ‘Bergy Bits’ Cheese Curds, crispy onions, and cranberry habanero chutney. $11.95.