lawnyavawnyateaser (1)


Are you stoked about Lawnya Vawnya 2015, but feeling a little too broke to buy a wristband? Damn. We can’t have that. And why pay your way in, if some local paper is offering up a pair of free passes? The Overcast acquired two festival passes just for you, but you’re going to have to work for it. We’ll release 3 pairs of two clues over the next 24 hours, as to where we’ve hidden these two festival passes.

To make your life easier, we can say they’re downtown, and they’re outside.

Monday Night’s Clues:

1.) If you are feeling blue, think inside the box.

2.) If you are having trouble reading between the lines, maybe some coffee from Fixed, or a full belly from Mohamad Ali’s will give you a better perspective.

Tuesday Morning’s Clues:

1.) The scope may have run out, but there is still plenty to read.

2.) The bands of Lawnya Vawnya are tentacles pulling you close.

Tuesday Afternoon’s Clues:

M’eh: the wristbands have been found already!