Can you sell water to a fish, and then sand to a camel?

We’re looking for someone keen to keep an eye on things like upcoming events, new local businesses, and national mega-corporations who’d benefit from buying an ad with us.

And we’re a pretty easy sell:
– 50,000 readers = 1 in 3 people in town.
– We’re a monthly, so, an ad lasts a month, not a day.
– The Overcast is read by virtually all demographics and ages.
– We’ve got a mantle of awards! We’ve got cheap ads!
– We’re free, so, our ads are not limited to a subscription base, or paying readers.
– Etc, etc … you’ll hear more selling points if you’re hired.

Pay is 20% commission on what you personally book in ads every month. So, the pay depends on how good, driven, and lucky you are. Some of your predecessors have cleared $3,000/month or more, others … not so much. Some people have a knack for this — they know who and how to ask.

Ad sales experience is a perk, a serious perk, but no more valuable than someone who believes in the paper and wants to see it grow from all the mega ad money you’re bringing in. Most important to this position is a professionally admirable demeanour: we want someone not too pushy, not too passive. A natural charmer, not an aggressive arm-twister.

You’re welcome to work from home. If you appear to be doing well, we don’t care if you’re working 10 hours a week or 100, but there is a reasonable expectation of performance, which is fair since it’s win-win for the both of us if you’re doing an okay job. This is a permanent position, and could fit well with someone looking for a flexible schedule.

Send job applications to by July 15th, 2016.