Can you sell water to a fish, and sand to a camel?

We’re looking for someone keen to keep an eye on upcoming events, local businesses, and national mega-corporations who’d benefit from buying an ad with us.

You’ll of course have to be charming enough to sell them ad space in The Overcast, but hey – we’ve got a lot of selling points to make your job easier (Broadest readership demographics of any print media in town! A mantle of awards! Distributed from 150+ racks around town! We’re free so ads aren’t limited to subscribers! An ad with us lasts a month, not a day!), and you’ll be trained on these selling points before we send you out into the world.

Pay is 15% commission on what you personally book in ads every month. This can add up to a few hundred, or a few thousand dollars a month, depending on how good you are. (The majority of our ads come from advertisers who come to us directly. What we’re hiring for now is someone to go out and wrangle ads for us, from people who otherwise wouldn’t have advertised with us. Every time you succeed, you get a cut.)

Ad sales experience is a perk, but not as valuable as someone who believes in The Overcast, and celebrating local artists, entrepreneurs, and culture. Most important to this position is a professionally admirable demeanour: we want someone not too pushy, not too passive. We have an office, yes, but you’re welcome to work from home. This is a permanent position, and could fit well with someone looking for a flexible schedule or part-time work. If you appear to be doing well, we don’t care if you’re working 15 hours a month or 150.

Send job applications to by August 1, 2015.