We all know it’s just around the corner – candy, fake blood, and pumpkins have been filling the shopping aisles for weeks. Yet, inevitably, the party invite will come and costume panic will set in. Fear not – here are some of our best ideas for you to use this Halloween.

Political Costumes

Sure, we’re bound to see lots of versions of the Orange One and HRC this Halloween. But here’s some more non-traditional takes on some epi political moments and characters of the year.

Ken Bone – Everyone’s favorite undecided voter.

What you need: Red Cardigan, disposable camera, mustache, white tie, white button up shirt, rectangular glasses, khaki pants.

Nasty Woman – Time to get creative and own your nasty, ladies!

What you need: Use your imaginations, but as a suggestion, why not upsacle Wonder Woman to WonderNastyWoman — the superhero of this American election.

Dwight Ball – Can’t forget our infamous local politicians that’ve given media all their fodder in 2016. There’s so many ways to approach this one, but bonus points for sure if you can incorporate reference to the Levy, taking the back door, or a political chant (“Drop the Ball” or “Dwight’s Not Right” anyone?).

What you need: There’s another chance for creativity here, but the basics include a wig of shining (side parted) white hair, the obligatory “Liberal red” necktie, and maybe a look of fear on your face in anticipation of the next provincial election.

Food Costumes

New restaurants are popping up all over the city and we’ve started to become a true foodie paradise. What better time of the year to pay homage to your favorite eats?

Mustard Pickles – R.I.P. Oh, the tears that were shed across the island when we heard mustard pickles would be no more. Just imagine they came back from the dead! Enter: ZOMBIE MUSTARD PICKLES.

What you need: Some scary makeup to create your best zombie face! For the jar of pickles, use a piece of cardboard to draw our beloved jar of mustard pickles and staple the ends together (so it’s cylindrical). To keep it from falling down either cut holes for your arms, or add string for straps to hold it up. VOILA!

Craft Beer – More new breweries have emerged in 2016 than ever in Newfoundland. Cheers the trend and encourage more of it with a truly punny costume?

What you need: wear an old, oversized hoodie (strings removed). Add a tall hat (hidden) inside the hood for height. Make a beer cap out of cardboard and tinfoil to sit on top. Draw your favorite beer logo and stick it in the front of the hoodie. Now, where does the “craft” come in, you ask? Just tape on your person or simply carry all things “crafty”- scissors, glue guns, beads, wool, stamps, etc. And, Ta-Da! “Craft Beer.” (Get it?)

Fallen Heroes

2016 saw us losing some of our most cherished figures. Why not pay tribute to one of your favorites this Halloween?

Prince – Oh yee purple one, how we miss you. This one shouldn’t be too difficult in a pinch.

What you need: Puffy tuxedo–style white shirt, purple jacket, black pants, dark sunglasses and a guitar (blow the dust off that old Rock Band guitar in your closet).

David Bowie – The king of reinventing himself, there are so many ways you could go with this one. The most iconic is Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie.

What you need: Baby Blue suit, or any other clothes referencing those colours (the makeup and accessories are what make this costume), bright red wig, pink eyeshadow, eyeliner, and some orange and blue face-paint for that famous lightning bolt design.

Ron Hynes – Of course we can’t leave out The Man of a Thousand Songs.

What you need: Collared shirt (black is classic, but you have some options here), a cowboy tie (bolo tie), Cowboy hat, an acoustic guitar, and if you want to pull off that classic Ron Hynes smile, try some black makeup to create a slight, charming gap between your two front teeth. Get extra clever by taping one thousand song titles to your shirts, so you’re the man of a thousand songs … and a walking billbaord of entertainment as folks read all the songs titles.

Pop Culture Costumes

The internet rules supreme, so why not go as your favorite meme?

Snapchat Filters – The puppy filter and the rainbow vomit are obvious favs, but there are really so many options here.

What you need: The best thing about this idea is that all you need is some face makeup, and you can go in your regular clothes if you like. We’re not makeup experts but thankfully tons of folks on youtube are so…go forth and Google!

Emojis – In the same vein as above, this one is a pretty easy choice with lots of options. This’ll work well for a group of pals needing a last minute costume — why not head out as a the dancing ladies emoji?

What you need: Use two yellow wigs (or, yellow cardboard hair) and add some black ears (you can buy bunny ears or make a headband out of some cardboard scraps). Now, break out that old dance gear or borrow it from a dancer in your life. You’ll need a black leotard, tights, and a pair of black shoes.

Netflix and Chill – C’mon, pun costumes are the best, and those rolled eyes are really just a form of applause at your wit. Here’s a pun that can be pulled off alone, or as a couple.

What you need: A red shirt with a netflix logo drawn on (for extra effect, add a clapperboard). All your partner needs is a blue t-shirt with some snowflakes on it. Or, perhaps, go as a cardboard-constructed fridge. Or, heck…carry around a bag of ice! If you’re gonna pull this off alone you could do this a few different ways. Like splitting a white t-shirt in half (either diagonally or back and front, one half being red “Netflix” and the other blue “chill.”

Happy Halloween!