Jamie Fitzpatrick

“I think one of the things that can really stifle or hold back the potential of a character or story is when you have a main character who acts too often on easily traceable motivations, rationale, and logic, and common sense … it’s not realistic. People don’t live like that. So what really good writers do is have characters do strange and unexpected things, and it never occurs to you for a moment to wonder if it’s plausible or if it works because they’ve set up that character so well, you’ve totally bought into them.” – Jamie Fitzpatrick, from episode 5.

Jamie Fitzpatrick is one of 10 writers who’ll be featured in Racket this fall – a collection of short stories from some exciting local literary voices. His debut novel, You Could Believe in Nothing, won the Fresh Fish Award for Emerging Writers. Most recently, his piece “These Memories Can Wait” appeared in the anthology Becoming Fierce. He’s also well known as a CBC Broadcaster and hockey writer.

In episode 5, Jamie reads and discusses an excerpt from Sara Tilley’s latest novel, Duke. Sara is a multi-award-winning writer, and Duke is her latest release. It’s an innovative novel, based on found family history. As Jamie says, “You do not know what might happen on the next page.”

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