Episode 2: Megan Coles Reads and Discusses
“Craving” by Megan Coles

Megan Coles, known as an innovator in the local theatre scene, emerged as a great new voice in local fiction this year, with the release of her debut book, Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome — a collection as vibrant and engaging as its title is long. Her debut is currently shortlisted alongside the latest works from Michael Crummey and Alan Doyle for the 2015 BMO Winterset Award: Newfoundland’s richest literary prize for the best book of the year, in any genre. Click here to read The Overcast’s review of Megan’s book.

In this episode of The Overcast Fiction Podcast, Coles reveals how she stumbled on Lisa Moore’s writing in a university course on Newfoundland fiction, and how that “special experience” was a revelation: Lisa had written the first fiction Megan had seen by a local writer that was set in an urban, contemporary Newfoundland; something Coles had always wanted to read about and maybe write herself. “Here was a woman doing the thing I secretly wanted to do … [which] helped me come out of my fiction writer closet.”  As she shares, Moore’s collection, Open, has developed a “bedside table quality” for Coles. “It’s always in reach.” Stick around for the great chat after the story.