You asked for it. You asked, and asked, and asked, and we finally listened. 

To better connect local readers with local culture, entertainment, and interesting talks and workshops, or new website is hosting what we think is the most comprehensive event listings in town.

Our new website also has a section called “3 Nights Out This Week” that will be refreshed every Monday.

With features like St. John’s Eats, The Bullhorn, and our Events Listings Page, we’re looking to make our website a cultural hub, not just a media site posting articles. Keep an eye out for more upcoming interactive features too, like quizzes and a #SeeNL hashtag for stunning local photos.

3 Ways To Have Your Events Added to Our Listings …

Option 1: Add and Manage Your Own Events

We recommend this route if you are an event runner. You can add, edit, update, and be in total control of your events. A “See My Events” page allows you to see and manage all of your events, and make changes to the listing details, should you need to. Take a look here.

Option 2: Do Nothing!

Yeah, seriously. If you regularly post events on Facebook, send us the name of your Facebook Group, we’ll add it to our database, and fetch your events daily. We’ll grab and post anything you have coming up in the next month.

Option 3: Send Us a Link to Your Facebook Event

It’ll take you 1 minute to punch in the url/link to your Facebook event. 1 minute of your time to have 70,000 readers hearing about your event.