The Forecast: Wondering What TriXXXie Fest is? 

By Alyson Samson

TRIXXXIE Fest seems to have sprung suddenly out of nowhere, and could be one of the most exciting festivals to hit this city since Lawnya Vawnya.

Born out of the Festival of New Dance, TRIXXXIE is Tallulah Fucque (drums, vocals), Scarlet O’Whora (bass, vocals) and Marilyn Monroe Take-Out (guitar, trombone, vocals). These three go way back, and they’ve come together to form a pop punk performance group inspired by the duo Mortified. They have been developing their act throughout the cold dead of winter, waiting to spring it on everyone with a three day premier festival.

Their festival is taking place THIS weekend, actually it begins tomorrow – Thursday; so you should probably wipe your calendar. It’s full of beautiful, strong female acts and was designed as a vehicle to celebrate the immense talent of the many ladies performing in this city.

Not only is there music, the festival will include standup comedy during Thursday night’s show at Scanlon’s, featuring the comedy stylings of Colleen Power, Liz Solo, Amanda Batten, Sweater Kittens, as well a screening/networking event on Sunday. Plus I hear there are some surprises!

Musical acts include a bunch of lovely lady-fronted bands and solo acts:

Sam Burke, Danielle Trouble, Erin Simms , Jenny Naish, The Sauce, The River, Category VI, Uneeda, DT and the Dinosaurs, and Allie Duff and The Happy Campers.

They’ve got about every genre covered, from Allie Duff’s folky-pop tunes to thrash-punk band Uneeda and in case that wasn’t a wide enough variety, newcomers The Sauce seem to have the rest covered as a “alt/country/trad/punk/rock” band, and that’s just to mention a few. Of course we will also be introduced to TRIXXXIE who will be performing, hosting, and present for every event.

TRIXXXIE have been working with Roles 4 Women Theatre Company who have devised creative workshops, multi-media, and online performances and experiments, improvisation sessions, public readings and live theatre performances. Alongside, The Black Bag Media Collective, who are an artist-run, not for profit media collective comprised of artists working in music and audio, live performance, New Media and media arts. It would seem TRIXXXIE are in good company to put off their first ever, and soon to be annual festival of talented women.

For the schedule or to find out more, visit:

Audio in the YouTube clip above is “Bulldozer” by TRIXXXIE