September always feels like the beginning of a new year, so it’s a good time to be reminded that St. John’s social scene doesn’t revolve entirely around the bar. That’s important to note for all incoming university students and other new transplants to St. John’s.

Also, the clubs and societies on Memorial’s campus aren’t just for undergrads. “Our MUNSU clubs and societies are primarily run by undergraduate students (the executives of these groups are under-graduate students) but anyone is welcome to get involved and quite often grad students, professors, and members from the general public do!”says Bailey Howard, the Director of Student Life for Me-morial’s Student Union. “Upon ratifying clubs and societies on campus, we ensure that they are open to anyone joining their group.”

“With over 250 MUNSU clubs, societies, and resource centres on campus, there’s something for everybody and has a full listing of existing groups,” says Howard.

“The activity of clubs and societies ranges greatly,” says Howard. “From playing Smash Bros. with friends, gathering around religions, or organizing to combat oppression within society, there are clubs and societies for everyone.”

“Just find something that interests you and jump in; if you can’t find something that interests you, then start your own club or society… it’s super easy,” says Howard.

If you’re in the market for a new extracurricular, stop by the Clubs, Societies, and Resource Centre Open House on Wednesday, September 13th from 11am-2pm on the 6th floor of the UC, where stu-dents can come and explore many of groups available to them. “Getting involved in these are open opportunities for students to interact with their fellow students and meet with new clubs and societies they may be interested in getting involved with!”

Maybe you’ve dreamed of having your own mostly-ignored radio show? If so, there’s CHMR, the MUNSU owned-and-operated radio station (93.5FM or online at “CHMR is also al-ways looking for volunteers, and students are able to gain experience through writing and reading news, or hosting their own radio show,” says Howard.

Elsewhere, on September 15, MUN-SAGA (Sexual and Gender Advocacy Resource Centre) is organizing a genderless clothing swap from 10-2 in the UC. Then, September 26 is Indigenous Roots Day which will be a celebration of culture with a focus on activism, with Aboriginal drumming, a smudging ceremony, a craft fair, craft sessions, and at 7:00 pm, guest speaker Denise Cole of the Labrador Land Protectors.

“These are just a few of the many events that we have planned for September!” says Howard. “All of our events can also be found at welcomeweeks2017 or on various social media sites under @MUNSU35. Individuals with questions about clubs and societies can get in touch with me at or 864-7633.”