Local feminist group, SPAAT, burst onto the scene in September when they held a concert called HERbourage, in retaliation to the all-male bill of Harbourage: a harbourfront outdoor summer concert. They’re doing the same again tonight: this time it’s SPAAT is Here, as a countershow to Kirill is Here.

Who’s Kirill?

Kirill makes his living throwing parties in bars, taking pictures of girls gone wild. He calls himself “the slut whisperer, here baptize sluts in champagne and piss off feminists,” so he’s obviously a controversial jackass. His website www.kirillwashere.com is plastered with topless women getting champagne poured over their breasts and behinds, and his latest tour proudly declares he’s been banned in certain cities.

Last time local bar Allure hosted Kirill, photos emerged online of local women, topless and intoxicated. A petition to ban him from St. John’s last month quickly received thousands of signatures, declaring that his shtick of objectifying women breeds violence and perpetuates sexism, not to mention that he’s photographing drunk women who can’t legally give consent to that, but the George Street Association didn’t budge.

When local feminist group SPAAT spoke out against the event, fans of Kirill — an extension of what the man stands for — retaliated by trolling their social media channels with sexually charged, disgracefully misogynistic comments under things as vital as images of 2015’s Take Back the Night march against violence towards women.

Tonight’s Show is As Full of Novelty as HERbourage Was

One of the great things about HERbourage was that it was more than just your average show. In addition to an all female-fronted lineup, it debuted one of the city’s best new bands, Punch Table, and showcased some newer voices, like Bad Plan, or acts that aren’t playing around town every weekend, like Ritual Frames.

Tonight’s show follows suit. For example, local musical stalwart Colleen Power released a gag RPM album in February, wherein she tried on her hip hop hat. The result is fun stuff, and showcases her lyrical prowess, with song titles as perfect as “More Baggage Than an Airport.” This is her live “MCP” debut.

Other acts you probably haven’t seen 100 times will include Biddy Kong, DJs Phelym, TM, and KC … the idea is a fun dance party to celebrate “positive feminist vibes.” And there’ll be a feminist photo booth — to counter what Kirill is up to on George Street in a more positive manner. Plus a zine/info table.

It takes place at Peter Easton Pub, 10 pm. Cover is $7, or free if you donate an old cellphone (for the Safe Harbour Outreach Project). Proceeds go to the  NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre.