The Albedo Grant: Kickstart Your Dreamjob or Launch Your Career to New Heights

Win 12.5 Grand Towards Your Grand Idea!

The Overcast’s Albedo Grant is available for entrepreneurs, organizations, or artists looking to launch, grow, or reach new audiences.

12.5Is a weak marketing budget watering down your recognition? Are you sitting on the best idea for a new shop/restaurant on Water Street? An idea that will solve all the city’s issues? Are you an artist stuck in a dayjob and unable to finish a project? Are you a director at a non-profit whose life would get drastically easier with a one-time purchase of something you can’t afford?

We’re here to help you leap over your financial barriers. The idea was initially conceived by The Overcast and Dean MacDonald — our original $5,000 sponsor. Each year, we welcome additional sponsors to buy in ar $2,500 or $5,000. For 2015, Dean MacDonald, lawyer John O’Dea and Phil Keeping’s Family have partnered up to double for the $12,500 pot.

Apply Now

Informal applications are fine. Simply send us a 1 or 2 page pitch of your grand idea, why you’re the person to make it happen, and how this $12,500 would help you make it happen. And don’t try and tell a newspaper 2 pages is too short — a short pitch forces you to be convincing, not winded. Be impressive, there’ll only be one winner. Email The Overcast at:

Deadline: April 3rd, 2016

This Albedo Grant is a Competition: Dragon’s Den Style  

We will select the top 5-6 submissions. These top 5-6 people will get an in-person pitch to Dean, John, and The Keepings. These pitches may be filmed so people on the web can weigh in on who they want to win, while the sponsors take a week to pick a winner.

The winner will be announced as our May issue cover story.


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