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Terror Town Revived and Re-opened for Halloween Weekend
by Lauren Power

After technical difficulties with a sprinkler system shut them down and threatened to drown spirits this Halloween season, Terror Town, the largest haunted house in the province, is back and open for business.

Terror Town is the spiritual successor of the Harbour Haunt, featuring many of the same volunteers that have been terrorizing guests since the event was held at the old Bi-Way building on Water Street.

“We’ve taken it and rebranded it … mostly because it’s no longer next to the harbour,” says Mike Pynn of Frontline Action, the paintball, survival, and laser tag location.

The event is also a longtime supporter of Easter Seals and the Miles for Smiles Foundation.

With over 100 volunteers, from spooky teens to spirited adults, Terror Town has taken weeks of preparation, and over an hour each day for prep and setup.

“In the daytime, it’s still a Frontline Action location, hosting paintball, laser tag, and other activities,” says Pynn.

“Multiple people have said it’s the scariest haunted house they’ve ever been in, and we have veterans of the old Harbour Haunt. People can expect to get scared and have a great time.”

The staff at Terror Town keep a tally of all patrons who purchase a ticket, and chicken out before making it all the way through the house.

So far, the annual Chicken Count stands at 81.

Terror Town can be found at Frontline Indoor Action Center (10 Pearl Place), open this Friday (7pm 11pm), Saturday (7pm 11pm), and Sunday (7pm 10pm). Check for details at https://www.facebook.com/terrortownnl