“We recorded this video for a Night with Heavy Weather, as part of MusicNL week (2013). It was captured by Adam Penny and Justin Davis (Heavy Weather), with a helping hand from Matthew Thompson. The room seen in the video is upstairs at the historic Masonic Temple, and is currently used as a storage space for the Spirit of Newfoundland shows. You can see parts of stage sets, and random props scattered throughout the room. Daylight was well behind us when we were able to record, so we lit the room with as many lamps as possible (which were left over from a show we held at the LSPU Hall the previous summer). The video features the full group (the Wandering Kind) with the addition of a horn section. This is the way we recorded the song for the album weʼre currently finishing. I was in the midst of a nasty flu at the time, and I was worried about my voice holding up through the night. Luckily we only did a couple of takes and settled on a keeper. It was also great fun to play with the massive pipe organ in the room, which Adam caught me messing with beforehand. Special thanks to Peter Halley and the folks at Spirit of Newfoundland for being so accommodating.”

Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind

photo by Jill Willcott