Jon Hynes’ 2014 album skirts many genres and nails them all. If you think you’re too cool to like a pop song, this track’s chorus will turn you around. He’ll be back in town on the 8th, to play a show with Joanna Barker, at Eastern Edge.

Today, he released a new video off Watchful Creatures, for the track, “Lay Down and Dry.”

The video was directed and edited by Lesley Marshall, whom Jon knew through shows and her work with Kelp Records.

“She recently did some filming when we were recording the new Evening Hymns album in Mountain Grove. She seemed like a great person to work with,” he says.

“I had this idea of a live performance video where I play all the instruments. Lesley designed the set and colour schematics of each instrument. Everything was done in-camera, which was challenging at times but resulted in, what we believe to be, a pretty snazzy video.”

Snazzy indeed, enjoy.