Where’d you shoot this, whose house is that, and how did you come up with the idea for the video?

Video was shot in St. John’s at an undisclosed abandoned house. Also sobeys square parking lot, and Mike’s parents’ shed in Mount Pearl. The video was Mike Simms’ idea. He wanted a kind of mobster video so it could climax and end with a shootout. He really wanted to plan out and film an action scene.

Is that some of guys from The Darts in this video with you, how did they get cast in here?

They got cast because they’re close buds to us that could help film on that day. We needed another 3 people to have an 3 on 3 shootout, so we enlisted Ashton Whitt and Dan Chaytor of The Darts to be the other gangsters. Also asked Brent Richmond of The Darts, but he couldn’t make film day. So we asked Matt Fudge, who is also in Plainface with Ashton Whitt and Matt Cull. Also, the guy in the chase scene who we tie up and I murder is local rapper Bryan Hobbs (MC Snax). Mike just finished filming a video for his CD coming out, which I am also in, so he wanted to help with the Werewoman video.

Tell us how those blood packs work, like, how do they go off and make it look like you’ve been shot?

Mike and I just made fake blood and it was either held in someones hand and smacked at their chest, or in a thermos and thrown at the wall haha. Just really good editing by Mike made it look wild.

Anything funny, weird, or unexpected happen during the shoot?

The whole day was funny, weird and unexpected. Couldn’t have been a sunnier day in the middle of February. But I guess every scene was shot in the same accents as the intro driving clip. All day of really bad accents. We just kept pushing ridiculous movie stereotypes until somebody or everybody cracked up. More so, myself. But everyone was guilty of doing that haha. And Mike’s dad agreed to help out and was making us laugh way too much, doing the same thing as us on the phone. Without even knowing who our band was, or what the video was for. We went through countless, useless dialogue clips to find the right one for the beginning. Well, maybe not the right one, but definitely our favourite.

Tell us about the song — will it be on a forthcoming album? When will that be out?

The song is a recording we finished right after Christmas, that will be on our upcoming LP, Youth Slipped. Also recorded more songs 2 weeks ago that we are currently finishing. But we have 10 songs in total and plan to release it on vinyl to go with our previous release, Opposite Sex. This LP has a lot more straightforward and shorter songs than our previous work. Many under 3 and 4 minutes, so we will be able to fit them all on the record this time around. Not how we planned, just how it ended up working out for us. Hoping to release in the fall.

When’s the next Werewoman show, and who are you playing with?

Adam Roberts, our bass player, is moving to Toronto next week for a work placement. So we’re playing our last show in St. John’s this Friday the 27th at Bar None with The Blackened Lungs and The Darts. Here’s a Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/780010485418947/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular