This Saturday night, at The Republic, Delusion Victims will be having an album release for this fantastic new EP they’ve made. Sonny Tripp, and, Kelly McMichael & The Gloss will be playing with them.

“We started recording this EP just over a year ago. We spent one long February Saturday holed up in the Rabbittown theatre, huddling by space heaters and eating greasy pizza. We were a little antsy because it was our first time recording together in any sort of serious light, but we got through all the bass, drum, and guitar takes. After twelve hours we were packing our things, and those are the takes you’ll hear on the record. From there on, it was a process stretched out through the rest of the winter and spring to get the keys and vocals. Everyone’s time was divided by other projects. Romesh Thavanathan (who produced, mixed, and recorded the whole thing) was heavily involved with demoing the new Hey Rosetta! album, as well as Steve Maloney’s album. In spite of that, Romesh always made for a relaxed experience and allowed us to focus on being creative, rather than rushing our parts. Because of this, we are very pleased with the final outcome. It’s loose and playful and we feel our personalities are pretty well represented song to song.” – Pete Mills