HARE Untitled-2

Matthew Hare is launching a nice, new EP at The Levee this Saturday night, and he’ll be joined by Sonny Tripp & Bandits. The album is also available already on iTunes.

“When it came time to record a new EP,” Hare says, “the first thing I did was talk to Ian Foster because we worked so well on my previous record, This Time Last Year. Ian agreed to produce and engineer so I started to finalize which songs would make it and how I wanted them to sound. We discussed what we had done with the last record, which was much closer to an acoustic record, and decided that it would be nice to try something different by recording with a full band. I had already started playing these songs with Brad Morgan (Bass) and Nick Coultas-Clarke (Drums) so I knew how good the finished product could sound. There is a feeling of nervous energy inherent in these songs which I feel these recordings captured perfectly.”

Hare calls his last album something of a breakup album, “so it’s nice to be looking at the other side of things this time around,” he says. “I think the main theme these songs share is they are all about trying to make things better or appreciating the better things in life. I think the first single from the EP, “If That’s Not Love,” is a great example of this. Sometimes you just want to write a simple song about how great love can be.”