Tell Us More: Kenneth J. Harvey on Shooting the Video for J. Frost’s “Doors of Fate”

Author turned filmmaker Kenneth J. Harvey tell us how he came to shoot the music video for J. Frost's "Doors of Fate."

Author turned filmmaker Kenneth J. Harvey recently shot a video for local hip hop musician J. Frost. The song is “Doors of Fate.” Collaborations are nothing new for J. Frost, he’s collaborated musically with the likes of Colleen Power, Sherry Ryan, Jerry Stamp, Evan Aucoin, Georgie & JoMo, and Joel Thomas Hynes.

“I met J. Frost when he volunteered to record/produce the theme song for my film Geek Assassinwith Vicky Hynes on vocals. While in his studio, I heard some of his music and liked it. He gave me a few CDs when I left. Again, I liked what I heard. I also felt that he was not getting the respect he deserved because he was doing something different: rap and hiphop and mixing it up and creating his own sound.  When I was younger, I suffered from the same sort of prejudices because I was creating works that were not sanctioned by the norm.  So, I volunteered to make the video for him. A video that was properly shot, directed, and produced. We shot it in a day at Peter Easton’s Pub. Lots of character in the bar. A great place.”

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