Long Distance Runners‘ frontman Chris Picco released a solo album in 2013, and just last week, released this video for “The Beach.”

“While my band The Long Distance Runners were in between albums last year I took the opportunity to do a more stripped down acoustic folk record,” he says. The album, The Beach, was a project he’d had on the back burner for quite some time. “The Beach is the title track from that solo record and the third video that Brad Gover and I have collaborated on together since it’s release.

“We approached this video with the very simple idea that this would be nothing more than a day in the life with me, my family and a bunch of our friends enjoying the last weekend of the summer. As with the previous videos I wanted to keep things natural and let the camera capture whatever unfolded in front of it. Hats off to Brad for doing a great job with the editing and creating a story arc that I never realized existed until I saw the first rough cut. I’ve always loved watching my families old super 8 footage of holidays when my brothers and I were kids that were spent at our cabin in Eastport. In this video we visited many of the same locations where I grew up and the only difference now is that I get to score the film and have my two year old son Charlie star in it!”