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Steve poster_nFresh back off a summer tour that saw Steve and the band play 17 shows in more than 10 Canadian cities, the boys are back in town for a nice, intimate homecoming show at the LSPU Hall on Thursday night.

They’ll be joined by the stunning Rube & Rake. “Those guys are incredible,” Maloney says, having shared a few shows together on the tour.

Leaving the homecoming show for the end of the tour means their songs, both new and old, are roadtested and ready with the new iteration of his backing band, The Wandering Kind: Alex Bridger, Paddy Byrne, and Josh Bourden, with long-time back-up singers Jen Benson and Amy Joy still in the mix.

“This was the first run with this particular configuration of the group, and certainly not the last,” Maloney said, relaying that they’ll be the Wandering Kind for the foreseeable future. “It was a grand experience to say the least. A sketchy motel in Burlington claimed 3 pillows, and Moncton stole our sanity. But it was fun.”

Touring for a second or third time can better equip a musician for the experience of “long drives and games of cards/Sevens,” or add a little comfort in having a familiarity with the standard live music venues across the country, but for Steve “experiencing different rooms is still a lot of fun. It can be a challenge and a pleasure.”

He’ll also be in fine vocal form since the inevitability of ill-timed tour illness has already struck him. “I was sick for a while in Toronto,” he says, “drinking gatorade on my friend’s couch for 3 days or so. That was not fun.” Despite being sick, playing Toronto’s legendary Horseshoe Tavern “still had its magic.” As did seeing new towns, and catching bands like By Divine Right. “They’re the best thing.”

After a brief breather, he’s about to tour the island. You can catch him at any of the shows below, including gigs at this year’s Writers at Woody Point Festival. If you see some albums on the merch tables, they’re probably from a second printing — their award-winning debut album has sold through its first pressing.

July 30 – St. John’s, LSPU Hall
August 3/4 – Woody Point, The Heritage Theatre W/ Hey Rosetta (Solo)
August 6 – Eastport, Winterset in Summer Writers Festival (Solo)
August 7 – NL Folk Fest (Songwriter’s Circle)
August 8th – Bonavista, the Garrick Theatre
August 11th-16th – Woody Point, Writers at Woody Point Festival
Keep your ears set for some great new songs. “There have been whispers of recording. Faint, slightly inaudible whispers, but whispers none the less. When the material is ready we’ll dive into the process.”
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