It Takes Two: Part Two!

The fine folks of the Folk Arts Society are pulling a repeat of a great idea: half a dozen duos, doing their thing, together, and it’s a great diversity of musical duos. Some a rare pairing, some a common pairing, all a natural fit:

Emilia Bartellas & Aaron Collis
Matthew & Allan Byrne
Joseph Coffin & Nick Earle
Kat McLevey & Maria Peddle
Denis Parker & John Clarke
Duane Andrews & Craig Young

Bartellas & Collis played together in The Dardenelles, then released an album together just last month, of mainly trad fiddle and accordion instrumentals. Duane and Craig have also recently released a stunning album of guitar wizardry, which you can sample in The Overcast’s sidebar video of the week. Given their age, one might think at first sight the duos of Joseph Coffin & Nick Earle and Kat McLevey & Maria Peddle are a little out of place, at a night showcasing such masterly musicians, but these four are some of the most talented musician in the province. The Byrne brothers, and the bluesy twosome of Denis Parker & John Clarke will round things out quite nicely. You really ought to go, this is a very Sunday night thing to do, and what else are you gonna do, mop a floor? Watch Netflix againAs an added bonus, ticket stubs from this show will be redeemable for admission to any regular Wednesday Folk Night in February or March.

Here is wunderkind Kat McLevey, but playing solo: