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“Local acts and bars owners of St. John’s, this is for you. I have money, you have music. I want to give you my money. Call me lazy, but I don’t want to individually search all of my favourite bars on Facebook to find no indication of what you have to offer me this Friday/Saturday night. I want to give you my money. My “Event invites” and “Nearby events” just aren’t cutting it. Take advantage of the Overcast’s events page, hire artists to make you posters, promote your shows. Believe it or not, a little extra promotion could do wonders for the local art scene. This Thursday, I decided to give up the unsuccessful Facebook search, and write a bullhorn post instead.” – Frivolous Spender Looking for a Good Time

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  1. Moremoneyforme on

    I used to go downtown to see bands almost every weekend. I stopped around the time The Scope’s event page disappeared.

  2. Please do this! The only way I find out about shows is through Facebook via people in bands or people I know who go to lots of shows. Newcomers don’t really have this option.

  3. Musicians didn’t take good advantage of The Scope’s events page either. No one seems capable of doing anything outside of Facebook anymore and there are plenty of us who don’t use Facebook for a variety of reasons.

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