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“I’m a janitor, a female one, so what I struggle with mentally, is why there’s so much piss on the floor beneath urinals? I am not personally equipped with a small urinary hose (aka penis), so I can’t be an authority on the matter of male urination, or rightfully expect men to do better (maybe pee streams are hard to aim?), but how does so much urine end up beneath urinals? It’s a pretty big target, and I have yet to meet a man so well hung he’d miss a big ol’ urinal. Do men look where they’re peeing, or, is it maybe just water splashing around when the urinals get flushed, and I assume it’s wayward urine I am mopping up? This is the workplace mystery of my life now.” – Ms. Janitor

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  1. Perhaps the lack of privacy i.e walls between urinals, has something to do with it. For some reason urinals are so close or in clear view of an open door that it may interfere with a focused attack.

    Either way, female washrooms are worse in every other way.

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