Nova Scotia’s T.O.F.U. magazine was launched after a vegan dining guide to Halifax, and a pair of cookbooks, generated so much interest and feedback its authors “decided to commit to something more substantial to try and promote veganism as far as possible.” Within a couple of issues, the magazine was being read around the world, with content covering recipes, city reviews, art, and more.

In a recent article, “Living Vegan in Newfoundland & Labrador,” the magazine’s editor, Ryan Patey, wrote a comprehensive, island-wide take on the state of being vegan in NL. Below are a few lines from each of his preferred stops.

Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca

“… I’ve happily visited them many times. In the past, they’ve even been willing to add Daiya to my order, if I brought it in. However, given their commitment to the strict Neapolitan pizza regulations, I recommend you simply go the cheeseless route and try the Greca pizza, as well as the Focaccia alla Napoletana (again, minus the cheese).”

The Afghan Restaurant

“… despite the increase in restaurants that cater to vegans in the city, one of my favourite spots remains this little business … If you can get past the painting and description of Buzkashi on one of the walls, then you’re in for one of the more interesting meals in St. John’s … the restaurant reminds me of plenty of other places I’ve eaten while in Central America or SE Asia, and that’s a good thing in my books.”

Peaceful Loft

” … this place offers a nearly 100% vegan menu with plenty of options. Along with that, the staff and owners are incredibly nice, and you’re likely to end up with tea and maybe even some things to sample before you place your order. That’s a good thing since they have a pretty big menu.”

Kimchi and Sushi

” … Along with friendly service, they also have vegan items, or at least those that can be made vegan, marked on their menu. Given how rare that word was when I first went vegan and visited the province, it was great to see it when I visited them.”

Honourable Mentions from St. John’s …

Mohamed Ali’s: “Falafel and samosas. Need I say more?”

St. John’s Farmers’ Market: “Produce, occasional vegan baked goods, and waffles, and vegan-friendly meal options.”

City Light Buffet: “Chinese food with vegan chicken options.”

Bonavista Peninsula

” … The biggest highlight was a meal at Two Whales Coffee Shop in Port Rexton … plus, their dessert menu included cupcakes … we were all pleasantly surprised at how busy the place was. At least once or twice during our brief visit, there was a line-up for orders, and this was in the middle of the afternoon.Soon after we received our orders, I think we all understood why the place was as busy as it was: everything was great. With eight years under their belts, something that is an accomplishment for any restaurant anywhere, let alone in a small town based around the fishery.”

Central Newfoundland

“Like most parts of Canada, the further away you travel from the bigger centres, the less likely you are to find vegan meals, and the more likely you are to be eating French fries or whatever snacks you brought with you. In my case, I relied on peanut butter and banana, but still ended up with a large dose of deep fried potato during the week or so that my family spent in both Central and Western Newfoundland this summer.”

Western Newfoundland

“As I mentioned above, the vegan options in restaurants really thin out after you leave St. John’s, but it’s always possible to find an interesting gem here or there if you poke around the NL Vegans Facebook group … From the mountains near Corner Brook to the stark beauty of Gros Morne National Park, it’s worth eating sandwiches and nuts for a few days!”