Saucy And Sweet By Andrea Maunder is the newest player in the local condiment and cocktail game, and entertaining at home just got a lot easier.

Featuring a large and colourful selection of artisanal syrups, sort of like gourmet Purity Syrup for your booze, making mojitos, daiquiris and the like is now within the reach of even the least competent home bartenders among us (myself included).

There are also jellies, chutneys, mustards, and mustard pickles, sauces, including a hot sauce perfect for Caesars and … wait for it … Blueberry Ketchup! Bengali spiced, with curry flavours and slight heat, the condiment compliments everything from moose to lamb. Local berries only, of course.

For dessert lovers, there’s hot chocolate, caramel sauce, and various other baked goods and sweet treats the acclaimed pastry chef thinks up.

Available at the Farmers Market, with some pop-ups around the city, the commercial venture is as young as the new Market space itself, but has been on the back burner of Maunder’s mind for many years now.

“The universe is funny” says Maunder. “When you follow your dreams, things work out, but when you resist that. all sorts of obstacles arise.”

Her love of spice and flavour is evident from her restaurant / Bacalao’s creative pairings, such as local salt cod and Thai red curry (sauteed together in coconut milk). Maunder and Bacalao were early leaders in the locavore movement. Over a decade later, many great local chefs are helping to fill this niche, and with business slower in a slumping economy, Maunder is taking the great leap forward. Bacalao has announced it is closing.

With a growing cocktail culture, Maunder sees export opportunities for Saucy and Sweet, and is also eyeing some select locations to retail in town. She’s excited about the future. Saucy and Sweet offers catering, and Maunder is not just a chef, but also a sommelier, so wine pairings are available.

A visit to Maunder at the Farmers Market will fill you with dreams of her products’ many uses, from spicing up stir fries to enhancing charcuterie. Bacalao will remain open until the sale of the building.