Spearheaded by poet and MUN professor Mary Dalton, the one-day, all-day Sparks Literary Festival has officially made it to the five-year mark. The day offers a nice cross-section of what’s happening right now in local writing, in all genres, by both new and established voices. They break the day up nicely into four pairings of four authors. In between events, there’ll be meals, mingling, book signings, and general socializing. The festival is free and open to anyone

To read more about these authors, click here.

Session 1: 10:15 – 11:40
Chair: Andrew Loman
Readers: Anne Budgell, Mary Dalton, Neil Bishop, Chad Pelley

Session 2: 1:00 – 2:20
Chair: Nancy Pedri
Readers: Chris Brookes, Katie Vautour, Carmelita McGrath, Elisabeth de Mariaffi

Session 3: 2:45 – 4:00
Chair: Helene Staveley
Readers: Jean M. Snook, Patrick Cotter, Paul Bowdring, Claire Wilkshire

Session 4: 4:20 – 6:00
Chair: Lawrence Mathews
Readers: Mike Heffernan, Shannon Page, Michael Crummey, Marjorie Doyle
SPARKS Nature Poem Prize Announcement
Cox & Palmer SPARKS Creative Writing Award Announcement

Reception for all in the Hutton Choral Room (MU-1032): 6:00