Christmas Songs

Yes, it’s too early to talk about Christmas, but not if you have bandmates to coordinate with, and recording to do!

Hell, it’ll take you a week to settle on a cover to cover, or even longer to write an original.

We’d love to release two Christmas compilations this December: One featuring a dozen covers of classic Christmas carols (AKA Townie Christmas Covers), and another album of original Christmas songs by local songwriters (AKA Townie Christmas Tunes). In both cases, the recording must have occurred between November 30th  2013 and December 1st 2014.

The deadline to submit your song(s) is December 1oth at midnight. We’ll post all of the submissions on our website, but an eclectic jury of playlist-making professionals will selectively curate the two albums based on a variety of things: which of the submitted songs gel well together? Which are well composed and/or recorded? Etc, etc. You may submit 2 tunes max.

Send your completed songs as MP3s, or preferably, .WAVs, to

Here, let Texas Chainsaw inspire you to get cracking (they’re playing Friday night at The Levee, fyi):