Submit an Event

Option 1: Add and Manage Your Own Events

We recommend this route if you are an event runner. You can add, edit, update, and be in total control of your events. A “See My Events” page allows you to see and manage all of your events, and make changes to the listing details, should you need to

To do so, follow this link.

NOTE: Facebook has changed its privacy settings, which has temporarily — perhaps permanently — disabled our ability to add your events using Facebook links … therefore options 2 & 3 are unlikely to work right now, so we recommend option 1 at this time.

Option 2: Submit an Event Via Facebook​

Option 3: Let Us Submit Your Events For You

If you regularly create events on Facebook, simply share a link to, or the name of the Facebook Group you use to post those events, and we can grab all of your current and future events for you.