ForecastRock Your Campus

Well, well, well … September is upon us. Summer mode is switching gears and we’re settling back into our regularly scheduled programing … err life.

Well, this of course brings many of you back to school! It’s a new beginning. Another year. And what’s a new beginning without a fresh new soundtrack? Well folks, that’s what I’m looking for here. So is CBC.

The Rock Your Campus contest is looking for great bands that are in post-secondary, so use those brilliantly creative minds and enter! All you have to do is submit an original song, and voters and judges will take care of the rest.

The breakdown looks like this.

August 19-September 14: Submission period (Nearly over!)
September 15-October 3: First round of voting to determine the provincial Top 10s
October 3-16: Second round of voting to determine the national Top 10
October 17-23: Third round of voting to determine the winner with help from the judges
October 27: Announcement of the winner

Why would you apply? Oh, well, you get a  concert performance on the your campus – including event production and promotion. An opportunity to enter into a one year contract to join a YouTube multi-channel network, so you can promote your tunes to the end of the Internet. And oh yeah $10, 000. (Now you’re interested, huh?)

I’m excited to see what this contest brings out in this province, and nation wide!

For more info; and to apply check out:

For this forecast, the next big thing, is the search for the next big thing.

May your mismarked due-dates always be in your favour.