Straight Guy?

Straight Guy at the Gym: “I’m totally a lady loving straight man … so why do I take a peek at every man’s junk at the gym? See where I stack up? Curiosity? Am I abnormal!?”

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  • Because its normal man. I am a straight man….I have no desire ever to be with a man sexually. Never have and never will. My wife keeps me happy! However…..I love looking at men and checking out the bulge. Why not? who am I hurting?. Doesn’t mean I am gay, because I know that I am not. Its always been socially acceptable for women to check out other women. Men were afraid to show that we are human. We are all curious at times. We straight guys can even have attractions to one-another!…Imagine that!!.. “Bro-mance” is a deep heartfelt trusting feeling. You love your buddies and they love you without judgement. I find now-days in the pool/gym changerooms, men are alot more comfortable to compare and check oneanother out. Heck, some even show their hard excitement!…..

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