The Story of Mohamed Ali’s Sprouting from the Sprout

For years, mobs of hungry late-nighters have swarmed The Sprout Restaurant for delicious, thick, and thoroughly satisfying falafels, made not by The Sprout, but by the Mohamed Ali Takeout: an operation The Sprout’s owners were happy to help make possible. The video above, from Creative by Culture TV, tells the story of Ali’s move to St. John’s, from a refuge camp in Jordan, and how The Sprout took him in, taught him English, then lent him their space for his late-night takeout haven. Ali will soon be opening his own restaurant, with a bigger menu. Mohamed Ali’s restaurant will open beside Fixed Cafe on Duckworth, in the old Taste of Thai space. Or if you’re really old school, in the old Urban Sound Exchange building. “Healthy food, new food, you have to try it!”

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