ARIES: Your game is strong, but don’t push it. Process emotional issues now, or pursue productive adventures. Leave logic tasks for later.

TAURUS: Communication on point,  judgment questionable. Enjoy time with your dearest, hugs are good. Live and let live.

GEMINI: Dissipated energy revived through quirky affections. Go to art parties, connect with creative people. Get out of your head.

CANCER: Potential for breakthroughs, but don’t get maudlin. Deeper passions pull you inward as the month moves on. Stay light.

LEO: Help yourself by helping others. You shine in this role now. How can you best spread your awesomeness around?

VIRGO: Speak your truth early this month, look forward to a burst of energy on the19th when Mars enters Pisces. Much is possible.

LIBRA: Love big, talk small. Be a buffer if family tensions arise. Help with the decorating, you’re just good at these things.

SCORPIO: Take things at face value early month, turn your spidey senses back on by the 19th. Remember time at month’s end to ground and center.

SAGITTARIUS: You are on fire with the sun in your sign. Its transition to Capricorn on the 21st is pause for reflection and naps.

CAPRICORN: Hold tight and stoke your inner flame through December. As the sun transitions into your sign, unleash and amaze.

AQUARIUS: Just be yourself and do your thing. Months like this are made for you.

PISCES: Driven but possibly emotionally scattered, lay the hammer down on whatever is in your way. Be the answer to your own prayers.