St. John’s has a new TV show and web series, Extrapreneurs.

What’s it all about? Women in business. Extraordinary women in business to be more precise.

The show’s aim is to connect viewers with key issues and opportunities for women in business, as well as to provide practical information to help entrepreneurs run their businesses.

The series premieres tonight at 8pm on RogersTV Channel 9 (St. John’s) and online via

Hosted By Ronnie Walsh

Ronnie Walsh is the show’s Executive Producer. She also plays host. She also loves perogies an baking.

She’s been a journalist, news anchor, producer, and reporter for over a decade, mainly upalong. Her return back east saw her working for the provincial government, and later, as a multi-award winning Director of Communications.

In 2009, she co-founded nine Island Productions in NL, where she works today, telling the stories of leading organizations and corporations in Newfoundland and across the country.

Why She’s Running This Show

Walsh says women contribute $117 billion to the Canadian economy annually. “That’s a huge number, but there’s still several challenges. There’s still so much more potential. By having these important conversations we can help drive change and improve the situation.”

The show, a production of Nine Island Communications, was filmed in St. John’s, but addresses topics facing women in business regardless of where they live.

“We’re talking to women in business who are leading in their fields,” Walsh says. “They share their challenges and successes and offer best-practice advice.”

Some of the topics featured on the program include harassment in the workplace, finance, women in technology, web and social media marketing, and mental health.

On Tonight’s Episode

The series premiere sees Ronnie discussing the barriers and opportunities for women in business with NLOWE’s CEO Paula Sheppard, and Ronnie having a beer with a rural brewer building buzz around the bay. Nutritionist Tara Antle cooks up some quick and easy recipes for the busy entrepreneur.

The five-episode series will air on Thursday nights at 8:00 pm. Each episode can be watched any time online after it airs via