It’s ‘ard out here to see ‘im, thought he was gone, wouldn’t be looking after someone like me, eh b’y, got bigger concerns I reckons. What’d I ever do? ‘ad to work ‘ard, no other option. You work ‘ard for long enough, you reckon it’ll pay off, eh b’y. You reckon it’ll amount to somethin’. Tried to ‘ave a fam’ly, raise a fam’ly. Ain’t easy when you got to work ‘ard, but s’it b’y eh b’y. Made a go of it best I could. But it got so that ‘e was some ‘ard to see.

blob2Worked ‘ard all me life and then I gets twisted up and you’d t’ink they’d look after you, eh b’y, after all t’em years, you’d t’ink they’d take care of their own. But I got twisted up and then t’at’s it, they don’t care no more. T’at on top of that the wife’s gone now. Just me out ‘ere now. Daughter comes by, b’y she’s some sweet. Might ‘ave the odd moment of t’inking it ain’t wort’ it but for t’at she’s some sweet, eh b’y.

But jaysus is it ever ‘ard to see ‘im out ‘ere. Worked ‘ard me whole life an’ t’en I sees these arseholes goin’ around, takin’ our friggin money, pardon the language but I’m mad ‘cause t’ere up t’ere on t’e Hill taking our friggin money and doing whatever t’ey wants wit it. Muskrat Falls me f’riggin arse. ‘Ere I am worked ‘ard, no ot’er choice and t’ey just take more and more from us who works, and t’ey gives it to t’ere friends eh b’y. Takin’ money from t’e poor and givin’ it to t’e rich, is all t’em arseholes are up to.

An ‘ere I is wit’ not’ing, can’t work ‘cause I worked too ‘ard, an’ t’ere jus’ gonna take what t’ey should be usin’ to ‘elp us ‘urt from workin’, an’ t’ere gonna give it to some ot’er arsehole who ain’t worked a day in ‘is friggin life, excuse t’e language. Oh ‘old on jus’ a second. Is t’at ‘im over t’ere. T’at light, is t’at ‘im? I t’inks I sees ‘im. On Easter no less. Is t’at ‘im getting’ retribution from all t’em arseholes who’s been takin’ our ‘ard-earned money an’ givin’ to t’ere arsehole friends? ‘e must got some plan, t’is can’t just be t’e way it is, work your ‘ole life only to be left to rot t’e second you’re no good to ‘em. I t’ink I sees ‘im comin’ ’ere now. ‘e’s gonna make it okay, eh b’y.

‘ang on now, t’at ain’t no divine light t’ere, it’s a big ol’ rig in t’e driveway. Jaysus an e’s got a badge. Coppers are on to me. Gonna ‘ave to let you go. Not enough t’at I can’t work, wife’s gone, not’ing to show for it, ‘ere comin’ after me now. Jaysus. Better let you go and see what ‘e wants. Yes sure b’y I’ll be fine. ‘e’s got anot’er t’ing coming if ‘e t’inks ‘e’s comin’ in ‘ere. Gonna give ‘im a piece of my mind. What d’ya mean? It’s a free friggin country, supposed to be anyways, I can speak me friggin’ mind if I feels like it. Maybe ‘e’s comin’ ‘cause t’ey’re goin’ after t’em friggin’ crooks up at workers no compensation. Maybe t’ey needs a statement. Maybe ‘e’s ‘ere to make it right. You never knows wit t’em