Ever wonder where the world came from, how common epiglottal consonants are in the human language, or how many bananas you’d need to eat today to get your daily recommended intake of potassium?

7 year old Mark Cherwick’s YouTube series, Mark Cherwick About Everything, has you covered.  Kick back and binge your way through the mysteries of dark energy, how to pronounce your trills, and the latest on the Gaza Strip, or Nasa’s theories on Brown Dwarfs.

The Cherwicks are best known as a local, multi-generational brood of musicians (many of whom play together in The Kubasonics … and Mark plays in a punk band called Banana Vacuum with his older brother Jacob). But Mark has the family branching out into YouTube stardom.

Here’s a few of his episodes at random; there’s more on Facebook, including the one at the bottom as promo for the Kubasonics show night (note: you need to click the audio on for this one).