Single on The Rock hosted a series of successful speed dating events in St. John’s between 2008 and 2012; this November they’re back by popular demand.

Known for creating a comfortable and fun atmosphere, the company is setting participants up with eight, eight-minute dates at Piatto Pizza on Duckworth Street. There has been one, and will be two more events this month, divided by age group for participants between the ages of 25 and 50.

The evening for people aged 25-35 has already happened, while the evening for those aged 30-40 and 40-50 will take place on November 10th and 16th respectively.

Working with the philosophy that it takes people three minutes to decide whether they are attracted to someone, Single On The Rock determined that eight minutes is the perfect amount of time to test the chemistry and learn a little bit about your date.

At the beginning of the evening, participants are given a “match card” where they write the name of anyone they’d like to see again. Participants hand their cards in to event staff at the end of the night and receive an email the next day letting them know if they’ve matched with anyone. This method, which feels a little like the grown up version of sticking a note in your sixth-grade crush’s bookbag, is a low-pressure way of snagging a second date.

However, if sparks are flying you have the option of sticking around and grabbing a drink with your new special someone. Sign up to maybe score a date, make a new friend, or worst-case scenario go home with a great story: