March 22, 7pm @ LSPU Hall

The Man of a Thousand songs is a 90-minute documentary meant to explore the light and dark sides of Ron Hynes, and the trailer looks amazing. “I think the light side is Ron,” Ron says, “and I think the dark side is that guy that he’s gotta go out and be every time that he shows up on a stage somewhere; that guy that kinda took over his life.”

He tells the camera things he’s told no one, and you can hear it all on March 22nd, mere months after his untimely passing, and upon the recent release of what will be his last album. Hynes left behind a legacy of stirring songs that paved the way for many musicians to come after him. While he is best known as “the man of a thousand songs” for his output, perhaps the better claim to fame is this: Ron Hynes is credited as the first songwriter in the province to release an album of exclusively original songs. That album was Discovery, released in 1972, when he was in his early 20s.

To quote his nephew Joel Thomas Hynes, from the film itself, “Whether or not you know he’s a songwriter, he still has this presence that you think he’s something” making him an engaging subject for this feature length doc. The press release reads, “legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Hynes takes possession of the camera and embarks on a darkly humorous, profound, and engaging journey of self exploration. The Man of a Thousand Songs is an emotional, intimate, and tender documentary.” Get your tickets quickly at the LSPU Hall. $9-12.