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The staff at Raymonds are accustomed to playing host to new and exciting tastes. On August 3rd and 4th, the fine dining establishment will delve into the world of experimental art, with a performance of blarg Theatre’s “Sorry, Please Try Again.”

Martin Poole started blarg Theatre in 2013 to get artists working together and curating multidisciplinary art works. For their current production,“Sorry, Please Try Again” (the second for the production company), guests will arrive at “an environment that is already set into motion,” with visuals and sound. The space will feature art by Mike Mouland and live music from Azaptor (Karen Hewitt and Geoffrey Lewis).  “Azaptor will be playing original pieces, some of which were composed after reading the script in order to set the mood for their compositions,”says Poole. Within the play, there will be a short one-minute film by Mike Daly.

The play itself evokes the constructs of our lives, both physical and mental. While the sets within the play are constructed during the run-time, the play’s characters recall the situations that lead to the self-imposed exile of a retired professor (Gavin Murphy), and the individuals, real and imagined, that surround him. Gavin Murphy, Mike Daly, and Stacey Dillon also star.

The challenges in financing an ambitious art production afforded Poole new opportunities. “Going into this production, I had no money to work with whatsoever, and still do not,”says Poole. “I did a indiegogo campaign which thankfully raised $300, which is essentially the sum that I am working with outside of my own pocket. Therefore, alternative spaces seem like the next logical step for all productions.”

The restaurant space was offered to Poole by the owners of Raymonds (Jeremy Bonia and Jeremy Charles), an opportunity which Poole describes as “full of positive potential.”

Sorry, Please Try Againwill be at Raymonds (95 Water Street) on August 3rd and 4th. Tickets are available at the Ship (after 12pm) and Raymonds (after 3:30pm). For any information call/text 728-1035 or email