Nachos can be found on the menu of pretty much every casual restaurant in the country. As popular as they are, nachos are seldom given the culinary spotlight.

The Nacho Shoppe (279 Portugal Cove Road) is hoping to bring the crowd around by offering the city’s best nachos, on demand.

“We figured it would be a unique offering to be able to get nachos at a fast-causal level, instead of having to go to a restaurant,” says Caitlyn Broderick of The Nacho Shoppe.

“Like our slogan says, ‘Everyone Loves Nachos.’”

Among those supporting the endeavor is local folk musician D’Arcy Broderick. Broderick has had some luck with developing crowd-pleasing original concepts for establishments, having turned Shamrock City Pub into a successful franchise.

“The Nacho Shoppe is the first place to focus on nachos,” says Caitlyn Broderick. “We have 15 unique signature nachos, which are recipes we came up with that you would not typically find on a restaurant menu. These we like to call ‘Nacho Ordinary Nachos.’”

At the Nacho Shoppe, diners will find Cheeseburger Nachos, Pizza Nachos, Sloppy Joe Nachos, Donair Nachos, and more.

“We also offer burritos, smothered burritos, tacos, quesadillas, chilli, and salads,” says Broderick.

“The four most popular menu items so far seem to be the Tex-Mex beef, Tex-Mex chicken, BBQ chicken and pulled pork. However, the Sweet Chilli Thai Chicken Nachos is a staff favourite, as well as the Fish Taco with chipotle mayo!”

For the bold and not-so-bold, the Nacho Shoppe offers a “toppe your own” option, with everything from nacho standards like jalapeños to oddball choices like pickles.

“The idea behind the pickles in the beginning was to be offered as a topping for our Signature Cheeseburger Nachos – you can’t have a cheeseburger without pickles!” says Broderick. “However, we have been very surprised that many customers have been choosing pickles as a topping for other types of nachos as well!”

The Nacho Shoppe (279 Portugal Cove Road, the former location of Popeye’s Supplements) is now open.