200 million dollars worth of improvements over the next 10 years at the St. John’s International Airport will be partially funded by an Airport Improvement Fee (AIF). The current $30 AIF will increase to $35 July 1st, 2017.

While the Airport Authority has secured a $60 million private placement bond, and a $40 million line of credit, (and has invested $270 million out of its own pockets since becoming privatized in 1998), its primary source of revenue to finance its necessary growth and renovations will be the AIF.  Every passenger boarding a plane at the airport will pay a $35 AIF.

Why Expand the Airport?

The expansion plan will allow the airport to accommodate 2 million passengers annually, and that will necessitate improvements to meet safety and security regulatory requirements, including some new ones like the ability to provide security screening for all vehicles entering the Airport Terminal Building apron. There are also a number general maintenance requirements to be dealt with, like fixing up a number of aprons, taxiways, and the Central Deicing Facility.

“The planned improvements are necessary to meet our regulatory obligations as an Airport Authority to operate an international airport in a safe, secure, and effective manner. The expansion of our facilities will also enable us to continue to accommodate the increase in passenger traffic at our Airport and to welcome the growing number of visitors to our region,” said Art Cheeseman, Chair of the St. John’s International Airport Authority’s Board of Directors

With the first phase of the expansion (started in 2014) scheduled to end in spring of 2018 (and presently doing so on budget),  the second phase of the Airport Terminal Building expansion will run from 2018-2021, and will double the total area of the Airport Terminal Building.

Some Perks of Twice the Airport Space:

  • A larger pre-board screening area
  • A larger seating area and washroom facilities in the Departures Lounge
  • Six more gates and passenger loading bridges
  • More food, beverage, and retail options in the Departures Lounge
  • An expanded arrivals and customs area.