Canadian indie-rock icons Sloan will be by in December, in support of their latest release and Polaris Music Prize Nominee, 12.

The show will be at Club One in St. John’s, on Saturday, Dec. 8th. Tickets are $38.49 in advance and $43.49 day of show. You can get them in Orange Stores or online at

“I guess with the album title, we are showing off the fact that we have 12 records,” says Chris Murphy.

The album is called 12 because it’s their 12th LP. Sloan might be the only Canadian band to ever tour its 12th album with all of its original members still in the band. Their consistent output is helped along by the fact that all 4 members are equally prolific songwriters. Interestingly, on their last album, 2016’s Commonwealth, each member of the band was given their own side to use as a blank canvas, resulting in a collection of de facto solo EPs packaged as a double album.

On 12, Each Sloan bandmate wrote 3 songs that play to their core strengths: Patrick Pentland’s rock anthems, Chris Murphy’s trademark playfully participatory sing-alongs, Jay Ferguson’s jaunty prog-pop gems, and Andrew Scott’s innerspace explorations.
“We’d hoped that this LP would be more of a reaction to Commonwealth,” Ferguson says. “Whereas that album was more of everyone retreating to corners to produce and sequence a side of their own material, this one would potentially have more collaboration than usual.”
Some of these tracks might remind you of older Sloan songs because they are older Sloan songs.
As Pentland notes, when you have four songwriters playing together for the better part of three decades, “there’s a lot of riffs leftover.” By his estimation, the music for “The Day Will Be Mine” has been kicking around for 20 years in search of the right lyrics
“All of The Voices” dates back to the sessions for 2003’s Action Pact, but, he says, “nobody cared about it when I wrote it and we demoed it. Then, when we got together for this record, I gave everybody else the demo for that song, and they were like, ‘Where did that come from?’ And I’m like, ‘I wrote that 15 years ago—you all played on it!’”