“The idea for the video was Russell Cochrane’s and the band’s,” confesses drummer and writer/director/producer Nathan Day. “I just  stole it and ran as far as I could.”

The Original plan was a mindlessly late-night talk show that bridged the world of 90’s late night television to today’s “sense of technological isolation.”

“Remember what used to come on TV at 5AM in 1995? Some really wild shit,  especially if you were a suburban-Newfoundland 5-year-old. The staples of this time of night: infomercials, game-shows, news replays, talkshows, call-ins, they are all little leftovers of  programming that most people didn’t see. But in the night they slip  through, just in the interest of making a few bucks.”

“When the price  floor was low enough, you got to see some horrendous stuff come through  the television. We wanted to bring that back. It occurred to us that the tropes we were born with are no longer relevant. What evolved was this video.”

“T.V. as a phenomena – is not inanimate – it is programmed by people,” Day says. “People also watch it. The idea that those who program it are watching  those who watch is really not all that far from the truth. I imagine a world when television will insert ourselves into the programming via CGI that we may be the main characters in our favorite shows. Reaching at these potential futures through the surrealism of the recent past felt very natural. Hopefully some/all of that comes across in the 8min vid.”