The forthcoming “Kenmount Terrace Community Park” looks to be an ambitious community park, with trails, a community centre, and multiple “activity islands” within the park, like a basketball court, playground, doggie park … and a skatepark.

The next step in the park master plan development process is to get a detailed description for each zone and to determine the design requirements for each. The public is welcome to join the city on Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 7 p.m. in the Crosbie Building at 1 Crosbie Place to discuss ideas for a new skatepark in Kenmount Terrace.

This new community park will be off Messenger Drive in Kenmount Terrace. It’ll cover 32 acres of land and will be the first new community park for the City in many years. Since the park’s usage will not be limited to those living in the immediate area, the communication and public engagement process will involve both residents of the Kenmount Terrace-Messenger Drive area, and residents of the City at large.

Have a look at the plans for the park by clicking here