Every week, we throw new music into rotation on Overcast Radio, and every weekend we’ll cherry pick three new gems for a blog post.

From Los Angeles: Beck — “Dreams”

When Beck beat Beyonce for Album of the Year at last year’s Grammys, Kayne, like far too many kids online, asked the Internet “Who the f*ck is Beck?,” leading to countless aging music lovers lecturing these kids in their statuses about their musical ignorance. But screw all that. This latest single ends the need to defend him – “Dreams” is a dancy-funky rock number with potential to blow up on mainstream radio, and if it doesn’t, it’s another hot jam for his true fans’ eclectic collection of Killer Beck songs.

From New Mexico: Beirut – “No No No”

Zach Condon quit high school to travel the world, hear the music of many countries, and mash together the best aspects of each genre he heard, to build his own take on world music. As much as any song he’s produced in his 10-year career, “No No No” proves what a great job he’s done in achieving that ambitious goal.

From New Jersey – Ducktails — “Into the Sky”

If Ducktails sound a little like Real Estate, it’s because because Ducktails is fronted by Matt Mondanile — who also plays guitar in Real Estate. It’s a project that has evolved into his own take on baroque pop, or chillwave, and it sounds great.