Every week, we load new songs into our music library for Overcast Radio. Below are five standouts we added last week.

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From California: Astronauts, etc’s “I Know”

The band self-describes the song as “a floaty, shimmering meditation on those curious stages of early love when all is undetermined, blending thawed-out ’70s tones with sentiments of soul and echoes of modern indie guitar rock.” Astronauts, etc is a side project of Anthony Ferraro,who had been training to be a classical musician at UC Berkeley, before arthritis derailed that ambition.


From Seattle via Virginia: Car Seat Headrest’s “Something Soon”

An independent Bandcamp sensation recently swooped up by the reputable Matador records. The album, Teens of Style, will be out Oct. 30th.


From Atlanta: Deerhunter’s “Snakeskin”

As the new single “Snakeskin” proves, Deerhunter wanted to slip out of old skin on the new album, and add some extra boogie-down to their music. The album, Fading Frontier, will be out October 16th.


From Pittsburgh: Kurt Vile’s “Pretty Pimpin'”

35 years old, prolific, talented, and original, Kurt Vile is back on the 25th of September with his 12th album since 2008 (6 EPs and 6 LPs). With every album he grows more and more into his own, distinct, impressive take on rock and roll.


From Seattle: Seapony’s “Let Go”

Seapony returned after a 3 year hiatus this summer with a new bassist and a pop-flecked take of shoegaze for their 3rd LP, A Vision.