Every week, we load new songs into our music library for Overcast Radio. Below are five standouts we added this week.

From California: Cayucas — ” Mooney Eyed Walrus.”

Cayucas dropped their new album in the right season for their sound: summery indie pop. The band is fronted by a pair of twin brothers, and their new sophomore effort, Dancing at the Blue Lagoon, shows much growth and maturity over 2013’s Bigfoot.

From Vancouver: Destroyer — “Times Square”

Dan Bejar is one of the country’s most distinct, sophisticated songwriters (and well-known for his side-project role in Canadian supergroup The New Pornographers). His latest offering as Destroyer, titled Poison Season, will be released in late August. It’s his 10th LP, and might be his most accessible and upbeat to date. It’s also his best since 2001’s Streethawk: A Seduction.

From Los Angeles: Gold Star — “At the Dawn”

Gold Star is the moniker of Marlon Rabenreither — a singer-songwriter reminiscent of Ryan Adams’ breed of Americana … and he’s legit enough to have toured with / opened for Lucinda Williams.

From Toronto: Goodbye Honolulu ” “Mother to a Brother”

Self-described as “loud, fuzzy garage rock tinted with pop melodies,” Goodbye Honolulu is quickly becoming one of Toronto’s favourite new bands. They also run a small label in Toronto, called Fried Records.

From California/Ohio: Wavves x Cloud Nothings — “Come Down”

Two great American Post-punk / post-hardcore bands combine their talents on this album, to produce something better than either has achieved alone — and that’s high praise as they’re both remarkable, much lauded acts. This self-titled album will be a contender for the album of the year.

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